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The rancid is the smallest bagaboo backpack – designed for carrying your camelback inside, on those mountain biking or trekking tours. It has a padded back and the similar shoulder straps as our larger backpacks – that means comfort for your shoulders. There is a chest strap for extra stability if you need, and compression straps on the side to carry larger things in the side mesh pockets.
A reflective stripe on the front of the bag and a blinky holder helps you to be visible on the road. With the long, water repellent zipper you can open the bag from the top to the bottom – you can easily put things in and get out.
By default, there is no inner tarpaulin layer in this bag to keep it lightweight – but this also affects its waterproofness. This bag is not waterproof in heavy rain, we call it water repellent. If you need waterproofness and you don’t mind having a heavier bag, you can order the inner waterproof layer as an extra option.
We offer this bag with 2 different outer colour, it looks nice this way, but you can always have one with just one solid colour of course.
There are 2 mesh pockets on the outer sides of the Rancid, and with the compression straps, you can use these mesh pockets to carry long items that would not fit into the bag.
An outer zipper pocket with a hidden zipper can store your smaller items, and there in an inner zipper pocket for the things that needs to be at a safe place.

width on top/width on bottom/height/depth

43x28x11x22cm, ca. 20 litres
17″x11″x4.4″x8.7″ – ca. 1220 cubic inches


Zippered pocket on the back – zippered pocket under the outer back padding, neat place for flat things, newspapers, documents, etc.

Laptop sleeve – a padded sleeve for your laptop. Removable when you don’t use it.

Airflow back padding – if you order this extra option, we’ll make an outer back padding from a special material that is 15mm (0.6″) thick. This will allow some air to flow between your back and the bag, and also will dry fast.

Waist strap – removable strap for securing the bag on your hip also.

Inner waterproof layer – inner lightweight tarpaulin layer for waterproofness.